About Linda and Start of Cupcakes

Linda Schneider was born to own and operate a bakery. As a girl, Linda loved baking with her grandmother and mother and discovered her favorite of their many recipes together – a dark chocolate cake. That precious time in the family kitchen sparked a lifelong love of delectable,
fresh desserts.

Translating her young baking experiences into a career, Linda attended culinary school and then received private, one on one instruction by a former pastry chef from the Willard Hotel in Washington, DC. From her extensive tutelage, Linda perfected and broadened her baking repertoire to include traditional Parisian macarons, as well as scintillating cakes and cupcakes. She continued perfecting her macaron skills while attending culinary school in Paris. Because of her strict attention to detail, Linda’s pastries are heralded as the most creative, freshest and most unique in
the area.

Coupling her love of anything French with her family’s cake recipes, Linda found her calling in 21 Cakes. Beginning as a wholesale business, the concept has blossomed into a retail shop at Indian Bend and Scottsdale Road in Scottsdale, Ariz where all can experience the edible creations. Taking a page from her childhood, Linda not only offers scrumptious desserts, she also offers Parisian macaron classes at 21 Cakes. These classes bring her baking experiences full circle enabling her to share her love of baking with others.

My goal is for you to experience a delicious homemade dessert presented in a beautiful setting at
21 Cakes.

Through extensive research on the art deco era, Linda discovered the 21 Club in New York City and quickly fell in love. A roaring hot spot in the 1920’s, this club was a standard bearer in its time because of its elegance and glamour. Emulating the club, Linda named her bakery 21 Cakes. Everyday she incorporates the decadence and finer touches into her confections creating a bridge between the art deco 1920s and today.

About Cisco

It's true that some people are destined to do what they do. Cisco Zazueta, pastry chef at 21 Cakes, is one of those lucky enough to follow their destiny. He spends his days fashioning unbelievably delicious creations of art that are edible, made from scratch and truly unique.

Cisco began learning the art of baking from his mother, who always encouraged and inspired him. A true dessert connoisseur, she willingly took on the role of 'official taster' for her son's creations to give him constructive feedback (while also satisfying her sweet tooth). Cisco went on to receive his formal training in baking and pastry at Le Cordon Bleu in Scottsdale, Ariz. where he was further inspired and knew he was on the right path. Beginning to truly hone his craft, Cisco worked as a pastry chef at a luxury retirement resort, which enabled him to broaden his cooking skills and perfect his baking techniques.

He then met Linda Schneider, and the magic at 21 Cakes began to take shape. Inspired by his love of fashion and beautiful art pieces, Cisco translates eye-catching art into one of a kind edible creations. Because of Cisco's penchant for details, 21 Cakes' clients are as excited to show off their pastries as they are to savor every bite. Creating a sensory experience unlike any other is Cisco's true gift. His passion stems from topping his past creations and making 21 Cakes THE dessert place. Clients will always know they can get the best tasting, freshest and most delicious desserts and cakes at 21 Cakes.

In his free time, Cisco loves music, shopping and fashion.